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Skis are the ultimate transportation to Freedom.
- Warren Miller

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People ask all the time, why “SkiChatter”? Don’t skiers want to avoid any ‘chatter’ while they’re skiing? Absolutely, we want

We are excited to let everyone know that due to many inquiries, we will be introducing a new facet to

Fits like a glove. Choosing the right glove or mitt makes all the difference to enjoy your day on the slopes.

It's all about having happy feet when we ski. It's easy to get proper setup and avoid all the pitfalls and issues.

This is a loaded question. We believe the best time to learn is ..... "Always" , "Continuously", etc... As it stands, we all learn in different ways and velocity. This short article is introducing a method that seems to yield measurable and sustainable results for our students.

Starting the Fall of 2021, we will be offering ONLINE LEARNING

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This is in Document "Excerpts". Type here to appear in Google Search

dirk s

I am privileged to know Andrew since our days of ski teaching at Loch Lomand and Candy Mountain in the early 1980’s.   Andrew has always focused on the clients needs, and works diligently towards their progression and improvement, yet all the while keeping things light and fun.

Dirk S.
Ski Pro
brian m

As a ski instructor, course conductor, course examiner, and course coordinator Andrew has always demonstrated the specifics of what, where, how, why and when in every aspect of your communication.
His on snow demonstrations are spot on, and his people skills are exemplary. 

Alpine Ski Club copy 2

SkiChatter is a quick and direct line to “Point B” in my skiing development. It saved me a lot of time and removed all the clutter from my ski improvement journey.
Thanks Andrew


“Instructing Instructors”:
Andrew was my Canadian Ski Instructor Level 1 Course Conductor. When I enrolled in Level 1 course,I was in a situation that a lot of level 1 candidates share in common: I have passion in skiing and teaching, I know some skiing techniques, and I think I know a lot about skiing.