Transform into a more Confident, Controlled, and Performance-Based Parallel Skier

  • Developing your skiing to any level can be an overwhelming and daunting task. 


  • There’s an abundance of free ‘information’ out there but does it pertain to YOU?


  • The problem was there is too much noise and clutter of solutions that don’t even apply to what you’re trying to accomplish in your skiing.
We are NOT offering “information”. 
We offer providing Transformation !
We removed the noise and simply clarified practical and specific solutions for where I was on my own journey to ski improvement.

Course Information

This course will provide a Clear step-by-step method that’s straightforward to understand and provide you with the ability to simply apply it on snow.

    • It provides a clear understanding of where you’re at in your skiing development and will establish a well defined goal of what you can accomplish.
    • The course is designed similar to our effective on snow lessons and sessions. It contains short modules on each stage of your develop that are simple to apply on snow immediately.  
    • Each module provides a simple objective / outcome / and list of tasks to try on snow
    • Each task can be clearly defined and simply measured
    • The modules are simple to understand, simple to apply, and measurable.
    • If you want results, please understand, this is not easy, but it is simple !
    • Guaranteed Results
    • If you want results, please understand, it is a simple approach but takes a consistent effort
    • Please note; this course is straightforward and may seem simple in reviewing it. Make no mistake, this format is a result of years of training skiers and instructors. My approach is a decluttered, very specific approach to getting to the root of the issue and providing quick effective tasks to accomplish your desired outcome. 
    • Many skiers have told me over the years that just want one of three things:
      1. To produce a new or different feeling in my skiing: (I want to feel more balanced, more comfortable, quicker grip, smoother in the bumps”…etc.
      2. A specific Goal: “I want to obtain my instructor certification!”, I want to ski the powder on my trip in the mountains’, etc
      3. A have a clear objective: “Ski Bumps, Ski Powder, Skier Faster, Keep up with my partner.”, etc
      • My objectives when teaching is to remove the clutter and provide the one solution that’s going to enable the student to achieve the objective.
      • Well, here it is… It’s not a quick fix, nor is it a one solution for all. But, I do believe the transformative content in this course will help most skiers become a strong more dynamic skier with more confidence and excitement in their skiing.

  • Developing your skiing to the level you want can be an overwhelming and daunting task with all the free information out there.
  • The problem was there is too much noise and clutter of solutions that don’t even apply to what you’re trying to accomplish in your skiing
  • Finding a simple and tailored course that transforms you as a skier is the trick
  • The problem was there is too much noise out there on how to improve your skiing.
  • Overwhelming Quick Tips, Generic Tricks, Non-Tailored improvements that didn’t apply

  • I had to remove the noise and clutter, and begin to identify and clarify where I was on my journey and what I wanted to transform into.
    • (For me it was go beyond being a good skier to becoming an expert skier and teacher on any slope at any time.
    • Specifically, to transform into an expert parallel skier who could demonstrate any turn shape at any speed on any slope with excitement and proficiency and have a blast doing it.


  • After this course, you will move away from the wedge or snowplowing at the beginning of your turns and transform into a stronger, more dynamic Advanced Skier who can manage and control speed, grip and control turn shape on challenging terrain, and gain a sense of confidence anywhere on the mountain.
  • I help you go from an occasional pearl skier to becoming a more advanced, dynamic and consistent parallel skier so you can get a grip and gain control over your turn shape, manage your speed on a blue and a black diamond run, conquer more challenging terrain with less fatigue and more excitement across the entire mountain.
  • Bottom line: YOU will transform from an intermediate skier into more dynamic in advanced parallel skier.

    • Improve your STANCE: Understand what it feels like to ski parallel (both legs and skis)
    • Understand why and how to remain aligned in your stance to be comfortable in most snow conditions (Powder, Windpack, crud, small bumps)
    • Know what makes you change direction
    • Ability to dictate your a round turn shape on any slope
  • GRIP
    • Know when to increase and decrease the amount of edge in each turn for best performance
    • Know how and when to apply the right amount of edge to manage speed
    • Move from drifted type turns to a more steered-carved turn shape.
    • Be aware of your body’s movements and biomechanics when it comes to skidding/steering the skis, and/or carving the skis
    • Control Speed, Turn Shape, and Touch on  the snow in adverse conditions
    • Add up all your newly developed skills and you’ll be more excited to tour the entire mountain with control and excitement. All this equals confidence
  • It can be a daunting amount of time surfing online watching videos of Expert/Elite skiers and wondering how can I ever ski like them.
  • It’s not easy trying to figure out what you watch on line and how it transcends into your own skiing.
  • The amount of time watching videos that don’t apply to you 
  • Watching online videos of expert skiers with no connection to your skiing.
  • It’s time consuming trying to figure out how expert skiers can relate to your level of skiing.
  • If you don’t know where you’re at and where you want to go, you may spend a lot of time watching YouTube videos on how to just to realize they can’t or don’t apply to your skiing is very time consuming.
  • Watching videos online that talk about a hundred tips & tricks does not help you with where you’re at on your journey.
  • The costs involved in not finding the right solution can add up. The time & money spent on travel, lessons, lift tickets, accommodations, and fuel can add up.
  • The cost of inconsistent ski lessons from a variety of instructors 
  • The inconsistent lessons from a variety of instructors can keep you off track for years. Have you ever taken a lesson and received a variety of approaches to seemingly fix the issues? This unfocused, wide path of lessons can take a very long time. Believe me, I’ve been there.

  • Course Name
  • Description
  • Slope
  • Issues
  • Performance Level
  • Transformation
  • Modules
  • Video Clips

Name: Advanced Parallel (Part 1 of 2) (Novice to Intermediate)


  1. Course: Learn the Steps that make it easy to ski parallel .
  2. Course: Gain control and confidence while skiing parallel .
  3. Course: Issues & Remedies / Gain Confidence .
  4. Course: Build your skills to easily explore more of the mountain .

Name: Advanced Parallel (Part 2 of 2) (Intermediate to Advanced)


  1. Course: Manage Speed  & Control
  2. Course: Create Performance
  3. Course: Tactics to make it more dynamic .
  4. Course: Issues & Remedies / Manage Speed, Control, and Performance
  5. Course: Measures of Success .
  6. Bonus Course: Prevent Fatigue and enjoy more of the mountain
  7. Bonus Course: Links to Quick Tips
    • Ski Equipment Checklist
    • Tips in finding the right ski boots
    • Tips in finding the right skis
    • How to Buckle-Up
    • What to look for in ski goggles

  • Become a more dynamic and Advanced Parallel Skier
  • Apply the course effectively on sno
  • Lifetime access to the course
  • Discounts on Future products/services
  1. Automatic Entry into our Weekly Prize Draws.
  2. Discount on future course enrollment

How will this so called “theory” help me improve?

  • I am not providing you with ALL my information about how to ski from Beginner to Expert. I am customizing a course that is effectively providing key tools to help you transform from an intermediate skier to an advanced skier. A set of tools and approaches that are easy to review on your phone just before you hit the slopes. A set of proven tools and approaches that are simple to understand and measurable to track results. 
  • Many years ago when I first started out, this was “theory”. But time has proven that my approach and methods can quickly and sustainably improve and develop skiers at this level. Sustainable because my students have been given the knowledge and understanding of what it is we’re trying to accomplish along with an easy-to-follow set of guidelines and tactics to quickly improve their skiing.
  • I’ll clearly illustrate what to do and why BEFORE you hit the slopes. You won’t waste your time and money with a variety of methods or approaches from an array of instructors. My advise, even if it’s not our course, is to pick ONE mentor, ONE method after researching it and follow it with diligence and consistency and you will see a change. The trick is to pick what works for you!

Can the course really transform my skiing?

  • YES! This course can develop and transform your skiing to a new level. 40 Years of teaching and certifying ski instructors has provided me with an understanding of what it takes to transform skiers. It’s now available to anyone who is willing to learn and apply our methodology.

How much experience does the course instructor have ?

  • I have worked my way up the ranks to develop my own skiing and teaching for over 40 years.

Has this teaching approached worked in the past?

  • Yes!  I was first certified to teach in 1986, received my Level 4 Teaching side of the certification in 1996 and was Course Conductor of the year 2 years running. I’ve certified thousands of instructors and continue to teach today in Southern Ontario, Canada.

What is an “intermediate” skier?

  • Someone who can keep their skis parallel some of the time. Skier uses green and blue runs and has acquired some sense of speed control and begun to make round turn shapes.

         Intermediate Phase 1:

    • You are skiing on blue runs and turning parallel controlling a steady speed and direction by making skiddy parrallel turns.  

         Intermediate Phase 2

    • You are skiing confidently on blue runs with good parallel turns. You know how to tilt your skis onto their edges and enjoy going a little faster. You can control your speed and direction pretty well on most slopes. You now feel ready to start skiing some steeper black pistes and some of the easier slopes.

        Intermediate Phase 3

    • You can comfortably ski all blue runs & some black runs with no problems if the conditions are ok. You are now looking forward to try some easy off piste routes, steeper slopes and maybe some bumps that are not too big!

What is an “Advanced” skier?

  • You can ski all pistes with no problems including steep black runs. You can also ski off piste using parallel turns in the fall-line with reasonable control of your direction and speed. You may still be finding steep and deep snow a little difficult. You are now looking forward to feeling more comfortable off piste and learning techniques for more challenging snow types and terrain.

Will this work for me at my age?

    • Yes. I’ve seen skiers as young as 6 years pickup the skills of an Advanced skier where they carving and controlling their speed and turn shape. This can work for any age as long as you are a partial parallel skier

Will I have a better understanding of strong parallel skiing?

      • Absolutely. We will teach you what it takes to remain parallel and use the skills necessary to develop into a more Advanced skier.  You’ll understand what it feels like to remain parallel and apply the right amount of rotational, edging, and pressure control to manage your turns.

Does this course give me confidence on the hill?

      • Yes. I hear all the time that the turning is much easier and I can go faster with much more assurance and confidence that I am skiing the skis, not the other way around. You’ll have more grip, better speed management, and more fun which all translates into more confidence.

Can I retake the course once completed?

      • Yes. The course is yours for Life. You can revisit it any time and review it as many times as you see fit. 

Can I share this course with my friends?

      • No. Unfortunately, the online course is designed for one person (one URL) only. Multiple people can review it from the same account but not necessarily ‘shareable’.

Can I use this course while skiing?

      • Yes!. The course has been designed as an online course that you work your way through, but we have also included at the end of each course a video series of short clips as summary points for you. These ‘clips’ emphasize and solidify the content of the course and serve as an on-snow reminder as you start your day or even on the chair ride up as a quick review.

How long is the online course?

      • The course is a complete collection of tools to help you develop your skiing to the next level. Most of our courses are designed to be completed in a reasonable time of 10 hours. It may take less or more time depending on your timing.

Is the course “easy”?

      • NO. It’s not easy, but it’s simple. Let us explain. Any change in your skiing takes time and consistent effort. The steps are easy to understand and simple to apply, but skiing is not easy to develop quickly. No quick-fix, no quick pill to remedy. People have skied all their life with a certain muscle memory and changing it can take a concerted effort. Again, not easy, but simple.

How can an online course help me with my on-snow skiing?

      • 100%. The course is designed to create an understanding and self-guided tool to develop your actual skiing. We learn by understanding and then applying. The end-of-course ‘clips’ will continue to guide and assist you while you’re on the slopes.

How do I find the right on snow ski instructor?

      • Knowledge is power and after taking this course, you’ll have a better understanding of what it is you actually want apply and measure in your skiing. You’ll have a clear goal of how and what it is you want to ski like in a variety of snow conditions. 
      • Knowing this, we suggest asking the Snow School Director about A) your learning style, and B) the instructor’s teaching style.
      • Ask yourself: “What type of learner am I?”
        • Visual
        • Auditory
        • Read/Write
        • Kinaesthetic
      • Once you know what type of learner you are, try to illustrate this to the instructor so they provide your with the right approach to continue your development.

Is it easy to transfer the course information to on snow ?

      • YES & NO.
      • YES because we’ve designed to overlap with on-snow development
      • NO because it’s not Easy, but it’s Simple to apply

I am privileged to know Andrew since our days of ski teaching at Loch Lomand and Candy Mountain in the early 1980’s.   Andrew has always focused on the clients needs, and works diligently towards their progression and improvement, yet all the while keeping things light and fun.
Dirk S.


As a ski instructor, course conductor, course examiner, and course coordinator Andrew has always demonstrated the specifics of what, where, how, why and when in every aspect of your communication.
His on snow demonstrations are spot on, and his people skills are exemplary. 

Brian Moore – Chiropractor

SkiChatter is a quick and direct line to “Point B” in my skiing development. It saved me a lot of time and removed all the clutter from my ski improvement journey. 
Thanks Andrew
Samuel M.


Instructing Instructors”:
Andrew was my Canadian Ski Instructor Level 1 Course Conductor. When I enrolled in Level 1 course,I was in a situation that a lot of level 1 candidates share in common: I have passion in skiing and teaching, I know some skiing techniques, and I think I know a lot about skiing.
Jin Ma


Andrew Elsdon

Business Experience

  1. SkiChatter:
    Owner (2020 – present)
    An online ski industry information & education platform
  2. CLLiK Photography
    Owner / Photographer (1998 – present) Professional Ski photographer
  3. MiCasa Property Investments, LLC (U.S.A.)
    Owner / Director (2015 – present)
    A real estate investment firm started in the U.S. operating in TN, GA, FL
  4. Georgian College Professor
    Ski Resort Operations (2008-2012) & Business Management
    Director of International Marketing (South & Central America, Caribbean) (2012-2015)
  5. CSIA Ontario Level 1 Coordinator: (2000-2004) 


Canadian Ski Instructors’ Alliance:

  • CSIA Level 1: Mar 1984;
  • CSIA Level 2: Mar 1986
  • CSIA Level 3: Mar 1990
  • CSIA Level 4: (Teaching) 2010
  • Awards:
    • CSIA Ontario Level 1 Course Conductor of the Year (2004 & 2012)
    • CSIA Ontario Award of Merit (2016)

Snow Schools / Instructing experience

    • Loch Lomond (1984-1986)
    • Nakiska Mountain (1986-1988)
    • Mount St Louis (Supervisor) (1988-1992)
    • Osler Bluff & Georgian Peaks (1992-1994)
    • SkiBees (2010-present)

Olympic Mens Swiss Ski Team (Jan/ Feb-1988)
Operational Coordinator

Fidelity Investment Powder Patrol (Marketing & Promotions) (2004-2008)
National Director

Professional Association of Dive Instructors (PADI)
Master Dive Instructor (Certificate: Sep 2011)
Master Dive Instructor (Cayman Islands – Sunset House & EPIC Divers) (2011)

Instructor / Trainer:
Teaching students and certifying instructors in Canada and Caribbean

Risk Reversal – Satisfaction Guarantee

  • We have a strong understanding of what it takes to develop your skiing. It takes time, dedication, and hard work. More importantly, it take clear direction and a process that have been proven to develop your skiing.
  • That being said, change is never easy and you feel that the course is not meant for you, no harm, no foul. 
  • We guarantee to refund your money in full. No questions asked.

Transform into a more Confident, Controlled, and Performance-Based Parallel Skier

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Course will be open and released Mid December 2023

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