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A complete list of online courses for ALL levels of skiers.


COMING SOON: A complete list of Course to choose from.
No Matter your experience or level of skiing, we can help accelerate your results.

Each Course contains 3-5 Lessons


1a. The World of Skiing

Before Day One
Equipment considerations
Clothing Options
Resort information – need to know
Getting Started
Making it Fun



BEFORE DAY ONE: Sample Courses:
1a – The World of Skiing
1b – Before Day One.
1c – Resort Orientation.
1a.b.c – The Journey into the World of Skiing

BEGINNER: Sample Courses:
2a – Getting Started On Snow.
2b – Linking it all together.
2c – Exploring the mountain.
2d – Issues & Solutions
2a.b.c.d – The Journey to Exploring the Mountain

INTERMEDIATE: Sample Courses:
3a – Moving from Beginner to Intermediate.
3b – Going Parallel.
3c – Exploring the Mountain.
3a.b.c – The Journey to Parallel.

ADVANCED: Sample Courses:
4a – Moving from Intermediate to Advanced Skiing
4b – Understanding different Levels of Performance.
4c – Up for the Challenge.
4a.b.c – The Journey to Performance.

EXPERT: Sample Courses:
5a – Expert Journey Begins.
5b – Skills Framework.
5c – Expert Technique.
5a.b.c – The Journey to Expert Skiing Part A
5d – Expert Turns.
5e – Expert Biomechanics.
5f – Expert Terrain Adaptation
5g – Expert Multi-Faceted Skiing.
5d.e.f – The Journey to Expert Skiing -Part B

INSTRUCTOR: Sample Courses:
6a – The Instructing Journey Begins.
6b – The Methodology.
6c – The Lessons Samples.
6a.b.c – The Journey to Teaching Skiing -Part A
6d – Lesson Management.
6e – Tactics.
6c – Techniques.
6c – Equipment .
6d.e.f.- The Journey to Teaching Skiing -Part B

TRAINER: Sample Courses:
7a – Teach To Teach.
7b – Tactics.
7c – Teach To Teach Methodology
7a.b.c – The Journey to Becoming a Trainer.

What Will I Learn?

  • Courses will contain lessons specific to the level and objectives of the students.

About the instructor

Andrew has been a member of the Canadian Ski Instructors' Alliance since 1981. He has skied on several different continents with over 2500 days on snow, Voted Ontario's Course Conductor-of-the-Year twice, Andrew has delivered over 120 certification courses, and certified over 1800 new instructors. He hopes to share his passion for the sport in many ways. Andrew is best known for the ski instruction he provides on snow and is actually spent nearly three decades building a reputation as a highly respected instructor and course conductor. He is intuitively able to combine the art and science of skiing to design simple strategies unique to each individual student that lead to significantly improved performance for skiers at all levels.
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