What’s the Best Learning Approach

When is the best time to learn?

This is a loaded question. We believe the best time to learn is ….. “Always” , “Continuously“, etc… As it stands, we all learn in different ways and velocity. This short article is introducing a method that seems to yield measurable and sustainable results for our students.

Online and/or On Snow ?

Understand that learning takes place in many different forms and timelines. With over 30 years of teaching students of all ages, we’ve learned that standing on the hill and being introduced to a new skill can use up some valuable skill development time (actually skiing) on the slopes.

To combat this preliminary ‘introduction” to new or existing skills and concepts, SkiChatter is introducing Online Learning prior to hitting the slopes. Why not have a little knowledge and direction BEFORE hitting the slopes? Review your goals, objectives, and issues prior to ‘talking on the slope’ about it.

Let’s be very clearOn Snow training and skill development is critical, but talking and analyzing a ‘new’ topic on the slopes may not be the best use of “Ski Time”.


We are introducing bite-sized tips, lessons, and courses online to help you prepare for your on snow time. We strongly believe that developing a knowledge base and direction prior to snow-time can greatly enhance and increase your ownership of the new skill about to be applied on the snow.


YES, sometimes the best thing to do is not talk about it and JUST DO it. We have discovered that in many cases, this doesn’t STICK with the student especially when there is no enforcement and mental understanding of the new skill between ski days. Taking a little time and getting some direction and ideas about what & how to develop a new skill can be EASY and save us all a lot of TIME (reserved for applying our knowledge and the slopes and ripping it up).

Have you ever had the experience of learning something new or perhaps fine-tuning a ski skill and by the time you revisit the hill (perhaps a week later), your mind has to start the learning process all over again . One step forward, two steps back….


On Snow application is a vital role to learning! Our on snow time can improve our skills by leaps and bounds. Combine this with preliminary Online tips, lessons, and courses, our learning curve can greatly increase. Afterall, all we want to do is be able to discover more of the mountain in a variety of ski conditions and not have to worry about fatigue, discomfort, or embarrassment.

No matter what method or at what sequence we are learning, it’s always a fun idea to continue learning so we may discover as much of the mountain as possible.

Happy Trails !

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