“I Don’t Know SQUAT !”


“I Don’t Know Squat” is a future article about a ‘journey’ of self discover on a quest to become healthier, stronger, faster, and more agile in skiing. Squats for mobility, strength, agility and ski improvement is one element of ski improvement will discuss in this article.

In writing this article about getting more fit, one thing I’m trying to become better at is the SQUAT. Because I’m not a physical therapist or fitness instructor and “I Don’t Know SQUAT”, the article is from the point of view of someone just wanting to become a much better skier. Talent is one thing, but there is SO much more to expert skiing and taking my fitness to the next level is going to be a Game Changer.

Understanding more about biomechanics and how to apply the proper SQUAT is a big part of the journey. I’ve always been trying to become better aligned throughout my turns. Tight in the hips and working on a variety of Squat-type drills will be what this article evolves into. An article to reveal how I overcame some limiting levels of fitness.

I’ve disco One of several great resources I have found is “The Ready State” by Dr Kelly Starrett . Through his videos and explanations, it has become apparent of some of the areas for improvement.

Stay tuned…

The Squat

The Ready State: Dr. Kelly Starrett, DPT


I’m referencing some great material from “The Ready State“…

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