Photo Friday- “Going For It”

Photo Friday is a quick blog capturing skiers on the slopes. It’s a journal of present and past photographs captured from resorts across North America. In this short article, “Going For It” is truly a feeling of letting go and seeing what happens.


Recently met a fellow skier online while chatting on Instagram. “Alexandra Messinis” skiing near Chatter Creek Mountain Lodges in BC, Canada. I just love seeing skiers “Going For It”. We sometimes get caught up in technique and skiing to “look” a certain way.

It’s more fun to have good skiing fundamentals and being able to adapt to any terrain or situation. Letting it Rip and going for it is evident by the last photo and the huge smile on the face of Alexandra… AWESOME !

“Going For It” – Step 1
I love the expression on her face as the odds of making a good landing are now compromised.
PHOTO BY: Hamish Birt
“Going For It” – Step 2
No Fear and augering into the deep snow and bindings released.
PHOTO BY: Hamish Birt
“Going For It” – Step 3
I see a little ‘tumbling’ going on here…
PHOTO BY: Hamish Birt
“Going For It” – Step 4
This photo says it all. A laughing skier…
Wish we were there with you.
PHOTO BY: Hamish Birt

Type of Turns

POW. It would be an injustice to try to categorize these turn types. “Just going for it” I believe is the type?

Time of Year

This photo was taken in >>>> March 2018? near Chatter Creek Mountain Lodges in BC, Canada.



Snow Conditions


Camera Settings

  • Hamish Birt was the Photographer


All I know is that the photographer was positioned well to capture Alexandra coming over the ridge. “Well done”!

Andrew Elsdon

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