SIDECUT Basic Polishing Kit (SIDECUT)

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Basic Polishing Kit – Ski & Snowboard

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  • The SIDECUT Polishing Kit was designed for those of you who just want to maintain the sharpness of your edges because your local shop is taking care of the major work.  If this describes you then this is a great kit for recreational skiers and snowboarders, instructors or races who ski often and love to keep their edges consistently tuned to optimize performance.Enables you to do quick daily tune-ups saving you valuable time and money by not needing to go to a ski shop frequently.


  • WC Diamond Guide – choose between 92º,93º, or 94º degrees. Used for sharpening and polishing your side-edges.
  • Diamond Disc – choose between 120, 200, 400, 600, 1000 grit. For use on side-edges with your Diamond Guide. Diamond Discs work better for side edge sharpening and polishing since all of the diamond can be used by simply spinning the disc.
  • Base Edge Guide – choose between 0.5º, 0.7º or 1.0º degree increments. Used to polish the base-edge of your ski or board.
  • Diamond Stones – choose between 200, 400, 600 or 1000 grits. 110mm x 25mm (4″x1″) in length.
  • Gummi Stone – used for deburring edges and polishing stainless steel glide plates on your Diamond guide.
  • Watch our 4 step learn how-to-tune videos for both children’s and adult skis: Instructional Tuning Videos

Used by: Ski racers, All-mountain skiers, Free-riders and Snowboarders.


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