Diamond Stones – 110mm x 25mm (4.2″x1″)


All SIDECUT Diamond Stones come with a precision machined flat aluminum backing plate that is colour anodized and laser-embossed displaying the grit. Best of all – when the diamond surface wears out you simply peel off and replace with a new self-adhesive sheet. Saving you money and allowing you to replace the diamond as needed.

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  • 200 grit – Course is best used for burr removal and sharpening. This stone will even sharpen your edges without using a file first. It’s always a good idea to carry one in your pocket for a quick hand sharpen or to remove rock damage on the mountain.
  • 400 grit – Medium is used for sharpening and polishing. The most commonly used diamond and a good in-between grit.
  • 600 grit – Fine is best used for the polishing and finishing of your edges.
  • 1000 grit is used when you desire an extra high polish finish. When you’re concerned about hundredths of a second or really care about how the edges perform on the hardest snow surfaces.


  • For best results use with SIDECUT polishing oil.
  • Oil improves sharpening and polishing time, the speed of the edges and greatly improves the longevity of all your Diamond Stones because it’s also used to clean them.
  • Watch step 3 of our learn how-to-tune adult skis video: Instructional Tuning Videos

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200 Grit, 400 Grit, 600 Grit, 1000 Grit


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