Transform into a more Confident, Controlled, and Performance-Based Parallel Skier​


    • This course will provide a Clear step-by-step method that’s straightforward to understand and provide you with the ability to simply apply it on snow.
    • It provides a clear understanding of where you’re at in your skiing development and will establish a well defined goal of what you can accomplish.
    • The course is designed similar to our effective on snow lessons and sessions. It contains short modules on each stage of your develop that are simple to apply on snow immediately.  
    • Each module provides a simple objective / outcome / and list of tasks to try on snow
    • Each task can be clearly defined and simply measured
    • The modules are simple to understand, simple to apply, and measurable.
    • If you want results, please understand, this is not easy, but it is simple !
    • Guaranteed Results
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  1. Course: Learn the Steps that make it easy to ski parallel .
  2. Course: Gain control and confidence while skiing parallel .
  3. Course: Issues & Remedies / Gain Confidence .
  4. Course: Build your skills to easily explore more of the mountain .

Name: Advanced Parallel (Part 2 of 2) (Intermediate to Advanced)


  1. Course: Manage Speed  & Control
  2. Course: Create Performance
  3. Course: Tactics to make it more dynamic .
  4. Course: Issues & Remedies / Manage Speed, Control, and Performance
  5. Course: Measures of Success .
  6. Bonus Course: Prevent Fatigue and enjoy more of the mountain
  7. Bonus Course: Links to Quick Tips
    • Ski Equipment Checklist
    • Tips in finding the right ski boots
    • Tips in finding the right skis
    • How to Buckle-Up
    • What to look for in ski goggles


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