With so much Free content online about skiing, why SkiChatter?
– Our Students are not looking for “more content to consume”.
– They want to move from Point A to Point B in the most effective way possible.

Informing & Transforming Skiers Anywhere…

Regarding Andrew Elsdon (SkiChatter Owner):
I am privileged to know Andrew since our days of ski teaching at Loch Lomand and Candy Mountain in the early 1980’s.   Andrew has always focused on the clients needs, and works diligently towards their progression and improvement, yet all the while keeping things light and fun.

More recently Andrew has provided me with invaluable coaching towards my own progrssion as a ski instructor.  His keen eye for nuance and detail is a talent that he has worked hard at improving.

Andrew is always willing to share, coach, or just ski to have fun.   I have heard many CSIA Level-1 candidates remark, what an gift it was to have course or session lead by Andrew and the great attitude and passion he brings to the craft of ski teaching.

Thanks Andrew

Dirk S.
Ski Pro
Collingwood, Ontario, Canada

Regarding Andrew Elsdon (SkiChatter Owner):
As a ski instructor, course conductor, course examiner, and course coordinator Andrew has always demonstrated the specifics of what, where, how, why and when in every aspect of your communication.
His on snow demonstrations are spot on, and his people skills are exemplary. Andrew is an absolute pleasure to share the day with.

Dr. Brian M.
Moore Chiropractic Group
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

SkiChatter is a quick and direct line to “Point B” in my skiing development. It saved me a lot of time and removed all the clutter from my ski improvement journey.
Thanks Andrew

Samuel M.
Investment Advisor
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“Instructing Instructors”:
Andrew was my Canadian Ski Instructor Level 1 Course Conductor. When I enrolled in Level 1 course,I was in a situation that a lot of level 1 candidates share in common: I have passion in skiing and teaching, I know some skiing techniques, and I think I know a lot about skiing.

Back then we were still using the 3 competences and 5 skills.
I memorized the “words” easily in preparation of the level 1 course.
But did I understand what they truly mean? and more importantly
how they are related and connected?

Andrew’s 3-day course cleared the fog and set a clear path for me to advance my skiing. He also shared with us his teaching toolbox including
how we can make use of the very short ski runs and limited terrains in Ontario-Canada to train ourselves and in turn train others.

One of my favourite practices is to find a small bump you can often see in the merge area of two runs. In the first attempt you need to create some air time but in the next attempt you need to keep snow contact (while maintaining speed) everyone in the class was excited to generate air time but almost all of us struggled to keep snow contact (of course without getting stuck:-)

It was only after a few attempts with the hints from Andrew that we all learned a mobile stance can allow us to either create air time or keep snow contact at will. He kind of unveiled the answer bit by bit and led us to discover the whole point. Later, I used this a lot in my own teaching and every student of all age groups enjoyed it just like how much I did.

Some of my ski buddies took Level 1 course conducted by Andrew after me. It was also fun to exchange the skiing and teaching ideas from Andrew’s class, and there’s always something new that we share and learn.

Long lasting results.. Thank you Andrew

Jin Ma
Software Developer Scotiabank

Toronto, Ontario

Andrew, as a ski coach I would say you are the ‘best of the very bestest’.  Your patience, ever present class and consistent encouragement sure brought me into a new realm of skiing.  We moved to Western Canada for three years 7 years ago and I can honestly say with each mountain run you are in my head encouraging me to “take it on” and “go for it”.  You have a certain panache and presence on the hill that evokes trust and ensures your students are most importantly loving the sport. We look forward to future ski dates with you and Avery very soon!! 

Perry & Alison M.
British Columba, Canada

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