Why the name “SkiChatter” ?

People ask all the time, why “SkiChatter”? Don’t skiers want to avoid any ‘chatter’ while they’re skiing?

Absolutely, we want to do anything but chatter. We want to glide, drift, steer, and carve, but do not want the skis to ‘chatter‘.

The name SkiChatter suggests people ‘chatting’ about skiing. We ride chair lifts all season long and the conversations or ‘chatter’ on the chair is half the fun. We chat all year long about skiing. Sitting at the beach, scuba diving, boating, and golfing… yup, chatting about skiing usually comes up.

So, when we started the company, ‘chatting about skiing’ seemed a likely choice to try to incorporate into the name: Hence, SkiChatter.

We are always chatting with skiers, resort owners, instructors and coaches about skiing. Chatting in the off season, and chatting on the chair. The one time and only time we don’t like chatting about skiing is probably when we’re actually skiing. There’s not much progress or transformation about standing on the side of the slope ‘chatting’ about skiing. If the skis are on the snow, it’s time to rip it up. Leave the chatting to the chair ride…

We look forward to ripping it up with everyone this coming season and keeping the chat lines open.

If you have any questions or topics you would like to chat about, please drop us a line.

“We would love to chat!”

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