XSPEX – Xceptional Eyewear For Xceptional People

XSPEX is committed to producing exceptional eyewear for people with active lifestyles, just like you, regardless of the season.

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The XSPEX Story

XSPEX is committed to producing exceptional eyewear for people with active lifestyles, just like you, regardless of the season. We stylishly equip thrill seekers who share a passion for the outdoors no matter where the next adventure takes them.

The XSPEX Vision

The XSPEX team aspires to  surpass our clients expectations….always! We are dedicated to building a global eyewear brand that matters by never forgetting that style, comfort and performance must always be uniformly first class.

What we Love about XSPEX

The Features

It’s all about clear vision, comfort and ease-of-use on the slopes. XSPEX delivers just that. We’re very happy with the fit and function of the goggle. It’s super easy to exchange lens to adapt to the weather because of the easy ‘magnet’ lenses that take 5 seconds to exchange. The Goggle Fit is superb and will fit most helmets today.

The Artwork

The Artwork on the goggle band is pretty cool too.

Celebrated artist Rod Ostamus is a very relaxed gentleman. A very patient person as well, He is local Thunder Bay Anishnawbe painter who has delighted so many people with his talent and skill.

Rod, who is a Eabametoong First Nation band member, started drawing at the age of eight. Although he never took art classes in his life, he seemed to have a knack for drawing. He started out drawing “little skidoos,” cars and trucks, and other examples of life on the First Nation such as houses. XSPEX is proud to feature his art on several goggles. See more by Vising the CHAOS and HAVOC. Portions of each sale will be donated to Rodney’s favorite charities suporting dialysis and cancer research.



Derek joined the XSPEX team in December 2020. He has competed at two Olympic games, Sochi and PyeongChang for TEAM CANADA in Snowboard Halfpipe. Derek has also been National Champion and invited to compete in the DEW TOUR and XGAMES. He is currently ranked Number 1 in Canada. Learn More about Derek here: @dklivingston


Bringing talent both on and off the mountain, Max joined the XSPEX team in August of 2020. Not only is max a talented slopestyle and big air athelte but he’s an artist as well. Max designed his own signature MAX FURY EDITION goggle for XSPEX which is now available. Click HERE to see his amazing design.

Member of the Canadian Slopestyle Ski Team, Max has travelled the world skiing in Major events both Nationally and Internationally. Learn more about max by visiting @maxoffattt and @maxmotions


Whether you’re on the road to the Olympics or just enjoying the day with friends, it’s all about having CLEAR VISION.

Quick & Easy to Switch Lenses (Magnet click and go)

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